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Adding a Contact Form in WordPress

Adding a Contact Form to your WordPress site is one of the most important pillars of the success of your website. Whether your own a blog, an eCommerce store or a business site, contact forms help you to develop two-way communication between you and your visitors. It will help you to gather feedback, filter spam, build a network of people, lower bounce rates, have a better conversation, and save time. 

We will need the following:

  • Add as an admin user to your WordPress site.

  • Permission to install a plugin to add a contact form (if there is no existing plugin)

  • Preferred name for the Contact  Form (Example: Contact Us)

  • Elements will be added on your Contact Form (Example: Name, Email, & Message Field)

  • If you want minor edits to the Contact Form, please do inform us and provide specific details on what to edit or what to add to the Contact Form.

 **Please note that OBI Services does not support content creation. "All content (images, text, font, headers, footers, etc) must be from the client."

** The time is base on Asia/Singapore timezone