Unicorn Platform - Form Creation 0 0

We can help you make your website more user-friendly and create forms on it.

You can have a number of forms inside your website and integrate them with other software using Webhooks.

Here are the things we will need for this task:

  • Admin User credentials (Unicorn Platform) - Please click this link to know how to share credentials:
  • Content - What are the questions/ data you need in the form?
  • Validation - What are the required fields?
  • Redirect Link - Where do you want your users to go after submission?
  • Data Submission - Where do you want to store the data submitted?
  • Webhook integrations - Where do we connect the created form? **Please note that OBI Services does not support content creation. "All content (images, text, font, headers, footers, etc) must be from client."

** The time is base on Asia/Singapore timezone