Hexomatic - Scraping with Automation/s 0 0

We will help you scrape data and integrate customized automation on a particular website you prefer.

Here are the things we will need for this task:

  • User Credential (Hexomatic) to be shared via Dashlane.

               - Please click here on how to share credentials: 

  • Website URL/RSS Feed. (Where to gather data?)
  • Screenshots or videos of part of the website to be captured. (What part of a website to gather data?)
  • Type of data to scrape. (What data will be gathered?) (Text, Source URL, Link URL, Text, Numbers, HTML Tag, Email address or, Phone Number)
  • Automation/s to be used. (What automation/s will be used?) 
  • Workflow. (What will be the workflow?)

** The time is base on Asia/Singapore timezone