Switchy - Link Customization 0 0

You can change how your link appears to your receivers when you send it to them. You can even add preview images/thumbnails.

Instead of having a long and unattractive link (e.x) https://test.obi.services/frm/DCr4jKx4AkihsD6

You can change it to any way you want: https://link.obi.services/demos

Here is what we need for this task to be done:

  • User credentials -Please Click Me! to know Where to Send Credentials.
  • Images, text, tags, etc. - What image do you want your new link to have as a thumbnail, and what does it say? -Title of your Links and Description of your Links
  • Original Links - What is the link you want to customize?
  • Customize Links - What do you want your link to show?
  • Custom Domain
  • Favicon Links (Optional)
  • UTM TAGS (UTM campaign , UTM Source, UTM Content , UTM Term , and UTM Medium) (OPTIONAL) **Please note that OBI Services does not support content creation. "All content (images, text, font, headers, footers, etc) must be from the client."

** The time is base on Asia/Singapore timezone