Suitedash - Set up Email Branding 0 0

We will help you set up your Suitedash Account email branding for a more customized user experience.

Here are the things we will need for this task:

  • Admin User credentials (Suitedash) to be shared via Dashlane. - Please click here on how to share credentials: Or you can create a staff member using this email: - Please click here on how to create a staff member:
  • Email Logos - The main logo for the email you will send out.
  • Social Media Links - The links you want to place at the bottom of your email campaigns.
  • From Name/ Company Name - What do you want your users to see who the email is from.

    **Please note that OBI Services does not support content creation. "All content (images, text, font, headers, footers, etc) must be from the client."

** The time is base on Asia/Singapore timezone