How To White-Label Suitedash Client Portal 2 0

What is a client portal?

A client portal is an online gateway to a collection of digital files, services, infor­mation, and applications, accessed from a desktop and/ or a mobile device.

Portals are most commonly used by businesses for a wide range of reasons: sending personal messages, managing their CRM, uploading and downloading large files, sharing document files, creating custom journeys, and project management. The industry that widely uses client portals is service companies like Tech Solutions, Product Management, Project-Based services, Financial Services company, and more.

These types of platforms help you and your business create a smoother customer journey from Prospecting to Document Signing to Invoicing and up until Project assignments. Client Interactions are made easier through client portals and custom automation. 

How to stand out from others?

Two things that customers also look for when choosing a service/product are a sense of experience and design. For your business to stand out from the sea of related-industry to yours, a white-labeled customer portal is what you need. Suitedash All-in-one platform allows its users to fully white label their portals. When you white-label your portal, it gives the customer satisfaction that your portal is one-of-a-kind. Using Suitedash automation and custom dashboards leaves the customer with a wonderful first impression or what we would like to call a WOW factor when navigating through your portal. To know more about Suitedash Dashboards and Customize pages please see here: Suitedash Custom Dashboard Pages

What is white labeling?

To simply put what white-labeling is, it is a feature that a company of a product or service offers their clients to rebrand the product or software to make it seem that they produced or created the products/services offered. The term "white label" comes from the image of a blank white label on the packaging of a product that can be filled in by the marketer with their own brand logo. For Suitedash, they offer white-labeling through customization of the URL and branding of the portal that you will use and give to your users.

Start White-Labeling my Suitedash Portal

OBI Services, a BPO company, is a Certified Agency Partner of Suitedash. This means that we are capable and authorized Suitedash customer support. We help their customers set up their portals from Branding up to Flow Automations and Custom Pages. 

Here are the things that we need to white-label your account:

  • Suitedash Credentials - in order for us to edit and set up your portals, we will need Super Admin / Admin access. You can do this by creating a staff member using this email: and assign as Admin. Click here to check how to create a staff member.
    Alternatively, you can share the logins via Dashlane. Please click here to see how to share credentials.

  • Brand Color Hex codes - The founding colors of your Suitedash Account

  • Logos - This will be the image/banner default on your portal. This image can be your company logo, or a customized image.

  • Favicon Logo - This logo is what is going to be shown on your portal mobile app.

  • Custom URL Domain - This pertains to the URL Domain you desire for your portal.
    Default URL:
    Sample custom URL domain:,,

  • Background Image - The image your users will see when they log in.

**Please note that OBI Services does not support content creation for Saas Product Support plan holders.

All content (images, text, font, headers, footers, etc) must be provided by the client."

** The time is base on Asia/Singapore timezone