Content Refresh: How To Turn Your Existing Content From Meh Into Fantastic? 2 0

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Do you have that moth-eaten content that is pretty much outdated, but you don’t have the heart to delete it? And why do you need to update your content?

OBI Services’ content writers offer content refresh. We will update your existing content, giving it fresh insights.

You are increasing your value by updating or improving your website’s content. It guarantees that every visitor across your site will find your content interesting, well-written and relevant.

Content refresh is the best way to revive old and obsolete articles by updating them with fresh content and keywords.

How to get started with OBI Services Content Refresh?

On the New Ticket Form.

  1. Please provide us with the page URL or content you need us to optimize. 

  2. Don’t forget to give us the keywords you want your content to be visible in SERP. 

  3. And lastly, your target market so that we will understand your audience.

Have you got questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through chat. See the picture below.

** The time is base on Asia/Singapore timezone